BCI Part of a $15 Million British Columbia Canada Library Project

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Coquitlam City Centre Library Selects BCI’s Modern Library Furniture as part of a $15 million relocation project for a new library.

As public libraries are evolving, more and more are going through makeovers.  The Coquitlam City Centre Library  located in Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada, was moved and enlarged to accommodate the growing need for additional space and resources.  BCI’s Modern Library Furniture was chosen as part of this $15 million project.

Click here to read more about The Coquitlam City Centre Library Relocation and Expansion

Products:  Puzzle Tables, Media Tower, Opal Tables, Opal Shelvingboth single-faced and double-faced with Gothia perforated wood end panels, 60/30 Steel Radius Shelving with London Canopy Top and End Panel Option

Dealer:  Jonathan Morgan Company

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Number One Ranked Magnet School in Virginia Picks BCI Modern Soft Seating for New Library

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PAUSE_FGrand Prix Soft Seating

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology selects Soft Seating from BCI.

BCI’s Modern Library Grand Prix and Pause Seating were the choices for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology  library on their recent $89 million school renovation.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology ranks number one in Virginia by U.S. News & World Report.

Read more about Thomas Jefferson High School’s renovation by clicking here

Location:  Alexandria, VA

Architect:  Ballou Justice Upton Architects

Products:  Grand Prix Soft Seating, Pause Soft Seating

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BCI Shelving Chosen for Higher Education – College of DuPage

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BCI Shelving System at the College of DuPage


During a two phase upgrade, BCI was chosen to provide new shelving for the library at the College of DuPage located in Glen Ellyn, IL.  As the resources at the library were expanding, new more efficient shelving was needed to accommodate this growth.  BCI Shelving was the solution.

Click here to read more on the College of DuPage Library Renovations

BCI Dealer:  LFI, Inc.

Products:  Opal Shelving with CD/DVD Storage, Opal Shelving for New Books, Graphic Novels, Paperbacks, Audio Books 

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Cedar Rapids Public Library Elects BCI Shelving for Rebuild

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 BCI Shelving Systems at the Newly Built Cedar Rapids Public Library

Cedar Rapids 1

Cedar Rapids

After the disastrous flood of 2008, the Cedar Rapids Public Library was completely destroyed.  Five years later, the new modern Cedar Rapids Public Library opened its doors.

BCI’s 60/30 Radius Steel Shelving was chosen for the rebuild of the new library.

Location:  Cedar Rapids, IA

BCI Dealer:  LFI, Inc.

Architect:  OPN Architects

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Ossining Middle School Library Selects BCI’s Opal Shelving System

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MS Library Ossining 4MS Library Ossing 3



MS Library Ossining 1MS Library Ossining







Installing Now! 



BCI is working with Fuller & D’Angelo Architects and Young Equipment to make this transformation become a reality.   BCI’s Modern Library furniture is currently being installed….photo’s will be posted as soon as the remodeling is complete…stand by!

Project:  Anne M. Dorner Middle School Library – Ossining Unified School District

Location: Ossining, NY

Design Firm:  Fuller & D’Angelo Architects

BCI Dealer:  Young Equipment

Product:  Opal Shelving System

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Edmonton Public Library Chooses BCI Modern Library Furniture

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Jasper Placephoto 4photo 2photo 1

Exciting updates at the Jasper Place Branch of the Edmonton Public Library!

The Edmonton Public Library chose BCI Modern Library Furniture to update their Jasper Place Branch to better serve the needs of the community.

Project:     Edmonton Public Library – Jasper Place Branch

Location:  Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Products:   BCI Opal Shelving SystemBCI Opac Search Station with CPU CompartmentBCI Ordrup Magazine Display, Zign Lighting for Ordrup Magazine Display,  Inform Desk, Slimline Wood & Steel Shelving

BCI Dealer:  Allwest Furnishings

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Click here to view more building projects by the Edmonton Public Library

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Paramus High School Media Center Redesigned by BCI Modern Library Furniture

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BCI PHSBCI Paramus 3



BCI Modern Library Furniture Redesigns Paramus High School Media Center

With the help of BCI Modern Library Furnishings, Paramus High School unveiled their newly designed Media Center. The new furnishings included new shelving, computer search stations and information desks.  This redesign was purchased off the Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission (MRESC) contract. 

The unveiling of the renovated PHS Library has been featured on –

“Paramus High School’s students, faculty and staff gathered in the library to unveil a brand new media center on Dec. 11. The complete facility was renovated, including wiring, ceiling, flooring, painting and the purchase of new furniture, 25 new desktop computers, two laser printers and six laptops, according to library media specialist Sherie Piniella. The new high school media center also features charging stations for students to bring-their-own-devices, two standing workstations, a quiet study space, two lounge seating areas, a ceiling-mounted projector, and space for meeting and student collaborative work.”




Project:      Paramus High School

Location:  Paramus, NJ

Products:   BCI 60/30 Steel Shelving System, BCI Flatline Search Station, BCI Inform Desk

Dealer:  Longo Associates, Inc.

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To learn more about MRESC click here



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Edmonton Public Library Selects BCI Modern Library Furnishings

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BCI Edmonton Library 1BCI Edmonton Library

Amazing upgrades are complete at the Edmonton Public Library Highlands Branch!  

BCI Modern Library Furnishings were selected for the upgrades.


As the demand for a more modern public library increases, Edmonton Public Library steps up to make the Highlands Branch more user friendly.  

Project:     Edmonton Public Library – Highlands Branch

Location:  Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Products:   BCI Opal Shelving System, BCI Opac Search Station with CPU Compartment, BCI Softline Magnum Bean Bag, BCI Ordrup Magazine Display

BCI Dealer:  Allwest Furnishings

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LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries

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LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries Script:

With commitment and curiosity, BCI is redefining and redesigning the library world, one space at a time. It’s no wonder that they were awarded the “ALA 2014 Library of the Year Award”. The BCI motto? “We are library people.”

BCI offers a flexible system of high quality products with various color and design options.

Their shelving is offered in wide range of colors and styles that can be combined with each other as fixed or mobile units for storage or display purposes.

BCI also provides creative interior space planning to complete the process of transforming your space into a functional innovative modern library.

The library of today is not just a collection of books or a place to study–it is a place for multicultural communication, learning, social gathering, and so much more.

Visit to see their full range of library furniture, planning services and innovative solutions.

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Creating Effective Learning Environments

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Five things to consider when creating learning environments


When it comes to learning efficiency, one of the most important things to think about is learning environment. This article explores five things for a library to consider when creating an effective learning environment.


  1. Proximity to learning resources. Library study areas should be set up and spaced so that there are study areas next to all learning resources. In addition to placing study areas near bookshelves, study areas should also be placed in areas with other resources, such as computers.
  2. Lighting. Good lighting is key to good learning. Libraries with good learning environments feature a mix of natural and artificial lighting. Poor lighting is the leading cause of fatigues and headaches in library users, and can interrupt learning. Study areas should be placed where they can be reached by natural light, but should also have access to overhead and table lamps. Today’s bookshelves also feature lighting to make finding resources easier.
  3. Sound. While libraries are known or being places that demand quiet, the fact is that not all learners find quiet environments the best learning environments. Study areas should be designed so that learners can choose to study in total silence, or in areas with low to moderate noise levels.
  4. Flexibility. Today’s learners don’t always learn alone. Instead, group collaboration is very important. To that end, flexibility is key. In addition to having study areas designed for the solo library-goer, it’s also important to set up library furniture so that it promotes group interaction and learning. Moveable, flexible furniture ensures that library patrons can set up areas that work best for them.
  5. Comfort.  Library furniture should promote comfort, while also correctly supporting the body. Fortunately, there is a wide range of ergonomic furniture to choose from designed specifically for the library.


Comfort is key in an effective learning environment. To learn more about library furniture and how it can be used to create positive learning environments, visit BCI Libraries.


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