Sardis Library, British Columbia Canada Opens Their Doors With BCI Modern Library Furniture for $2.5 Million Project

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Sardis Library in British Columbia Selects BCI Modern Library Furniture 

The Sardis Library located in British Columbia, Canada opened it’s doors after a $2.5 million project, which included BCI Modern Library Furniture.  Sardis is on the south side of Chilliwack, a city in British Columbia, home to an estimated 80,000 people.  The Sardis Library is part of the Fraser Valley Regional Library which is the largest public library system in British Columbia.  This library serves as both a library and a community center.

Project:  Sardis Library

Location:  Sardis, British Columbia Canada

Products:  Softline Hugo Chairs, Picture Book Browsers

BCI Dealer:  Jonathan Morgan & Company Limited –

Architects:  CHP Architects –

Click here to view CHP Architects coverage of the Sardis Library

For City of Chilliwack Sardis Library announcement click here

Click here for YouTube Video on Box Browsers

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BCI Furniture Spotted Again at Higher Education – Gloucester County College, NJ

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NJ College Getting a Library Make-Over With the Help of BCI Modern Library Furniture

Image showing Odrup Magazine DisplayImage showing Softline Seating

Gloucester County College, now known as Rowan College at Gloucester County, has chosen BCI Furniture for their library renovation project.  The products included seating and display furniture for the library to better serve the needs of the students.  This renovation project enables the library to stay relevant and user friendly.

Project:  Gloucester County College – Rowan College at Gloucester County

Location:  Sewell, NJ

Products:  Ordup Magazine Display, Bon Bon Soft Seating, Chat Soft Seating, Drum Soft Seating

BCI Dealer:  Tesco Learning Environments

Architect:  Garrison Architects –

Click here to read about the building addition and renovation projects at the college

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Tillsonburg Public Library in Ontario, Canada Uses BCI Modern Library Furniture in Renovation Project

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TillsonburgTillsonburg 2Tillsonburg 3

Tillsonburg New

The Tillsonburg Public Library Selects BCI for Massive Improvement Plan

BCI Modern Library Furniture was part of a $276,723 upgrade project for the Tillsonburg Public Library, which is a branch of the Oxford County Public Library System located in Ontario, Canada.  These upgrades were made possible by federal funding through the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF).  Ontario has the largest population of all the Canadian Provinces and is home to approximately 40% of all Canadians.  Public library expansions and renovations are on the rise in Ontario as communities continue to expand and the demand for a more modern library grows.

Products:  60/30 Steel Radius Shelving, Ordrup Magazine Shelving, Pouf Soft Seating

Click here to read the Press Release on the renovation project

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BCI Modern Library Furniture Media Center Tables Showing up in Pennsylvania

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Index Study Carrel

Quakertown Community High School Selects BCI Modern Library Furniture

BCI Modern Library Furniture’s Index Study Carrel was selected for a library renovation project for Quakertown Community High School.  The Index Study Carrel is a great option for privacy in the school library environment.  

Location:  Quakertown, PA

BCI Dealer:  Tesco Learning Environments

Products:  Index Study Carrel

For more information on Quakertown Community High School’s renovations, please click here

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Dunbar High School, Washington DC, Uses BCI Modern Library Furniture as Part of a $122 Million Project

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BCI Modern Library Furniture Chosen as Part of an Extensive Rebuilding Project of Dunbar High School

BCI was a part of the The Dunbar High School $122 million rebuild for a new facility.  This project was a huge endeavor and a cause for celebration.

Dunbar HSDunbar HS 1

Project:  Dunbar High School

Location:  Washington, DC

BCI Dealer:  Diversified Educational Systems, Inc.

Products:  Opal Computer Table, Opal Reading Tables (round and rectangular), Pause Soft Seating, Single-Faced and Double-Faced Opal Shelving with a mixture of perforated steel end panels and canopy tops and maple canopy tops

Click here for The Washington Post article “D.C. leaders to celebrate new Dunbar High School facility”

Click here to view the Dunbar High School photo gallery

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University of Nebraska – Love Library Getting a Makeover – BCI Selected and it’s ‘Love’ at First Sight!

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Univ of NB Love Lib

BCI Modern Library Furniture Seen Again in Higher Education at the University of Nebraska

The Love Library at the University of Nebraska Selects BCI’s Frontline Square Display Shelving for their renovation project.  This modernization is an essential part of of the college campus and will serve as more than just a library for the students, but a gathering place.

Project:  University of Nebraska – Love Library

Location:  Lincoln, NE

Products:  Frontline Square Display Shelving

BCI Dealer:  Jones Library Sales

For more information on the Love Library renovation project, click here

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The BCI Luna Chairs are Showing up at the West Allis Public Library in Wisconsin

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Luna Chair OrangeWest Allis Public Library located in West Allis, Wisconsin, has chosen BCI’s Luna Chairs for its library renovation

What could be better than your ‘own private chair’ in a library?  You don’t have to bring your headphones…the sound is in there!  BCI’s Luna Chair’s were the preferred picks for the West Allis Public Library renovation project.

Project:  West Allis Library

Location:  West Allis, WI

Product:  Luna Chair

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See the Luna Chair on YouTube featured at the ALA Show in Anaheim, CA

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Click here to download the fabric swatches

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BCI Part of a $15 Million British Columbia Canada Library Project

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Coquitlam City Centre Library Selects BCI’s Modern Library Furniture as part of a $15 million relocation project for a new library.

As public libraries are evolving, more and more are going through makeovers.  The Coquitlam City Centre Library  located in Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada, was moved and enlarged to accommodate the growing need for additional space and resources.  BCI’s Modern Library Furniture was chosen as part of this $15 million project.

Click here to read more about The Coquitlam City Centre Library Relocation and Expansion

Products:  Puzzle Tables, Media Tower, Opal Tables, Opal Shelvingboth single-faced and double-faced with Gothia perforated wood end panels, 60/30 Steel Radius Shelving with London Canopy Top and End Panel Option

Dealer:  Jonathan Morgan Company

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Number One Ranked Magnet School in Virginia Picks BCI Modern Soft Seating for New Library

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PAUSE_FGrand Prix Soft Seating

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology selects Soft Seating from BCI.

BCI’s Modern Library Grand Prix and Pause Seating were the choices for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology  library on their recent $89 million school renovation.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology ranks number one in Virginia by U.S. News & World Report.

Read more about Thomas Jefferson High School’s renovation by clicking here

Location:  Alexandria, VA

Architect:  Ballou Justice Upton Architects

Products:  Grand Prix Soft Seating, Pause Soft Seating

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BCI Shelving Chosen for Higher Education – College of DuPage

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BCI Shelving System at the College of DuPage


During a two phase upgrade, BCI was chosen to provide new shelving for the library at the College of DuPage located in Glen Ellyn, IL.  As the resources at the library were expanding, new more efficient shelving was needed to accommodate this growth.  BCI Shelving was the solution.

Click here to read more on the College of DuPage Library Renovations

BCI Dealer:  LFI, Inc.

Products:  Opal Shelving with CD/DVD Storage, Opal Shelving for New Books, Graphic Novels, Paperbacks, Audio Books 

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