Another New Jersey Middle School Library for BCI

Ordrup Magazine Display Furniture

Another New Jersey Middle School Library for BCI

Another New Jersey Middle School Library for BCI 620 414 BCI Libraries

Thomas E. Harrington Middle School Names BCI Modern Library Furniture for Upgrades

Ordrup Magazine Display Furniture

The Thomas E. Harrington Middle School, located in Mount Laurel, NJ is home to grades 7 and 8 with 1,056 students. While libraries are transforming rapidly, the need to update is becoming more of a priority.  Students need to be able to navigate the library easily in search of the resources they require in both print and non-print.  That’s where BCI Modern Library Furniture comes in.  With its acrylic doors, the Ordrup Magazine Display is designed to be a showcase for magazines, as well as depository for past issues.  It comes in a variety of sizes and colors to meet the decor of any library.

Project:  Thomas E. Harrington Middle School

Location:  Mount Laurel, NJ

Products:  Ordrup Magazine Display

BCI Dealer:  SP Resources –

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