Cedar Rapids Public Library Elects BCI Shelving for Rebuild

22 01

 BCI Shelving Systems at the Newly Built Cedar Rapids Public Library After the disastrous flood of 2008, the Cedar Rapids Public Library was completely destroyed.  Five years later, the new modern Cedar Rapids Public Library opened its doors. BCI’s 60/30 Radius Steel Shelving was chosen for the rebuild of…

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LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries

04 11

LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries Script: With commitment and curiosity, BCI is redefining and redesigning the library world, one space at a time. It’s no wonder that they were awarded the “ALA 2014 Library of the Year Award”. The BCI motto? “We are library people.” BCI offers…

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Creating Effective Learning Environments

15 08

Five things to consider when creating learning environments   When it comes to learning efficiency, one of the most important things to think about is learning environment. This article explores five things for a library to consider when creating an effective learning environment.   Proximity…

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