The Tech-Friendly Library

10 03

Four ways to ensure your library meets today’s technology standards   Today’s libraries are way more than just places to find and read books. State-of-the-art technology enhances the user experience by making it easier than ever for them to connect to resources. This article explores…

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Library Design for Children and Adolescents

26 02

Four tips for designing libraries that are attractive to the younger crowd   Many of today’s modern libraries consider the needs of children and adolescents during the library design phase. What separates those that are successful, from those that are not? This article shares four…

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Library Design: Five Things to Consider

17 02

Basic library design considerations for libraries of all types   While all libraries are not created equal and each will have its own unique needs to consider during the design process, there are some basic matters to contemplate during the planning and design phases. This…

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