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BCI Modern Library Furniture Back In Connecticut

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Newington High School Upgrades with BCI’s Inform DeskInform DeskInform DeskInform Desk






















































A well-equipped library begins and ends with the information desk.  Upon entering a library, the information desk is your main resource.  Newington High School, a public school located in Newington, CT, recently choose BCI’s Inform Desks for an upgrade project to the library.  With its modular system to allow for customization to meet the work requirements of the staff and the library layout, the BCI Inform desks are an excellent choice. There are a wide range of color choices to fit into any library decor.  The sleek modern design of the Inform Desk make it compatible for any public or private school library, university library, public library, or media center.

Project:  Newington High School

Location:  Newington, CT

BCI Dealer:  Robert H. Lord Company

Products:  Inform Desk with book chute, AV Media Cabinet with five drawers, bagrest, cable conductor, organization container

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