Creating Effective Learning Environments

Creating Effective Learning Environments

Creating Effective Learning Environments 150 150 BCI Libraries

Five things to consider when creating learning environments


When it comes to learning efficiency, one of the most important things to think about is learning environment. This article explores five things for a library to consider when creating an effective learning environment.


  1. Proximity to learning resources. Library study areas should be set up and spaced so that there are study areas next to all learning resources. In addition to placing study areas near bookshelves, study areas should also be placed in areas with other resources, such as computers.
  2. Lighting. Good lighting is key to good learning. Libraries with good learning environments feature a mix of natural and artificial lighting. Poor lighting is the leading cause of fatigues and headaches in library users, and can interrupt learning. Study areas should be placed where they can be reached by natural light, but should also have access to overhead and table lamps. Today’s bookshelves also feature lighting to make finding resources easier.
  3. Sound. While libraries are known or being places that demand quiet, the fact is that not all learners find quiet environments the best learning environments. Study areas should be designed so that learners can choose to study in total silence, or in areas with low to moderate noise levels.
  4. Flexibility. Today’s learners don’t always learn alone. Instead, group collaboration is very important. To that end, flexibility is key. In addition to having study areas designed for the solo library-goer, it’s also important to set up library furniture so that it promotes group interaction and learning. Moveable, flexible furniture ensures that library patrons can set up areas that work best for them.
  5. Comfort.  Library furniture should promote comfort, while also correctly supporting the body. Fortunately, there is a wide range of ergonomic furniture to choose from designed specifically for the library.


Comfort is key in an effective learning environment. To learn more about library furniture and how it can be used to create positive learning environments, visit BCI Libraries.