Computers, Internet Demand Impacts Library Furniture

Computers, Internet Demand Impacts Library Furniture

Computers, Internet Demand Impacts Library Furniture 150 150 BCI Libraries

More than three-quarters of Americans say it’s important for libraries to provide computers and Internet access


According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans say it is “very important” for public libraries to provide free access to computers and the Internet. This means that when designing new libraries or remodeling old, it’s important to design spaces and choose library furniture that provides quick access to electronic information and communication technologies.


Types of Furniture that Support Computer Use


Today’s libraries feature spaces with access to free computers, as well as spaces that enable the patron to tap into the Internet using their own equipment. Library furniture that supports computer access and use includes:


Computer stations. These can be fixed, or they can be adjustable to support people of different sizes, as well as sitting or standing use. Computer stations come in many different materials, designs, sizes, and colors.

Desks. Today’s library desks often feature enhancements such as built in power-outlets that facilitate the use of computers.

Study cubicles and carrels. Study cubicles and carrels may be designed to hold full-size computers, or to support laptops and tablets. They feature built-in power to make computer use easier than ever.


For more information on designing, planning, or furnishing spaces that promote computer and Internet use, and on choosing library furniture that supports your needs, visit BCI Libraries.