LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries

LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries

LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries 150 150 BCI Libraries

LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries Script:

With commitment and curiosity, BCI is redefining and redesigning the library world, one space at a time. It’s no wonder that they were awarded the “ALA 2014 Library of the Year Award”. The BCI motto? “We are library people.”

BCI offers a flexible system of high quality products with various color and design options.

Their shelving is offered in wide range of colors and styles that can be combined with each other as fixed or mobile units for storage or display purposes.

BCI also provides creative interior space planning to complete the process of transforming your space into a functional innovative modern library.

The library of today is not just a collection of books or a place to study–it is a place for multicultural communication, learning, social gathering, and so much more.

Visit to see their full range of library furniture, planning services and innovative solutions.