$245 Million Project Completed – Opening of the Calgary New Central Library

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The city of Calgary has officially opened its doors to their New Central Library. This project was a massive undertaking, costing over $245 million and taking over 3 years to finish. The New Central Library is now the “most significant civic building built in the last 25 years and potentially the most important civic building built in the city for the next 25 years”, says Rob Adamson, who was the principal architect for the project. The engineering and architecture of the library is something to behold. The finished project is 240,000 square feet and is 6 stories tall.

The first floor is made up of an entry and a performance hall, which will be used for various speakers. Above this space is a 12,000 square foot space dedicated solely to the children. BCI provided the Labrynth Display Towers and Box Browsers for children here. The space is accessible to younger children, as well as older children who are starting grade school.


Photo Taken by Allan Oryshak from HBI

The second floor is a communal space hosting our Frontline Shelving System and our Frontline Curved Shelving System. The space contains a multitude of fiction and non-fiction books, a wide screen TV, and a volunteering lounge. The third floor has study rooms, as well as digital labs. The fourth and final floor is a large space labeled the TD Great Reading Room, which will be a large study space for students.


Photo Taken by Leah Hennel from Postmedia


If you’d like to know more about this impressive project, please read these other articles written for the Calgary Sun, the Calgary Herald, and the Arch Paper.
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BCI’s Uniflex Library Shelving System with Integrated LED Lighting

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BCI just recently finished an installation within the European country of Luxembourg at the University of Luxembourg.

BCI provided the library at the university with our Uniflex Shelving System integrated with LED lighting. The LED lights help to illuminate the shelving, and the surrounding space. The Uniflex Shelving System with LED lighting is available in North America, as well as Europe.

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Manhattan Public Library Renovation

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Manhattan Public Library

BCI is currently working with one of our dealers, Scott Rice Office Works, to renovate the Manhattan Public Library in Fairmont, Kansas. The project will be completed in the upcoming months.

The product being featured in this installation is the Inform Counter System. Below  is a direct link to the Inform Counter System Product page, as well as photos of two of the types of inform counter systems we install.
BCI Libraries Counter Systems

We will be posting more about this finished project in the coming months.

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Below is a PDF link to our product brochure for the Inform counter System

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Hastings Public Library – Completed Renovation

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Update: The Renovation of the Hastings Public Library has been Recently Completed

BCI has just finished working with architect firm, The Clark Enersen Partners, on a massive renovation to the Hastings Public Library in Hastings, Nebraska. This project took over a year to complete because of the scope. Before the renovation, the library had not been touched since the 1960s. The building was outdated in its accessibility, energy efficiency, technology and safety. All are now updated to give the library a contemporary feel. There is now an entire floor dedicated to children with kid friendly furniture that you can find in the Products section of our site. The entire library went from having an old, dusty atmosphere, to a vibrant, friendly one.

Below are photos of the finished renovation:

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Back again…BCI Modern Library Furniture for Edmonton Public Library

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EPL - Meadows

BCI Modern Library Furniture was used in the Edmonton Public Library System in Edmonton, Alberta Canada for the new Meadows Branch

The Meadows branch is the newest addition to the Edmonton Public Library System.  This new facility not only features a public library, but a recreation centre as well.  BCI Modern Library furniture was selected for this new and exciting collaboration of amenities for the community.

Project:     Edmonton Public Library – Meadows Branch

Location:  Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Products:   BCI Single Faced and Double Faced Opal Shelving System with Maple Canopy Tops and End PanelsBCI Double Faced 60/30 Cantilever Mobile Steel Shelving,  BCI 60/30 Radius Steel Shelving with Maple Canopy Tops and End PanelsBCI Ordrup Magazine Shelving, Heart Soft Seating, OPAC Search Station, Puzzle Tables & Stools

BCI Dealer:  Allwest Furnishings

Click here to read more about the Meadows Branch

Additional information on the new facility and other Edmonton Public Library renovation and rebuilding projects can also be found by clicking here

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BCI Modern Library Furniture Media Center Tables Showing up in Pennsylvania

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Index Study Carrel

Quakertown Community High School Selects BCI Modern Library Furniture

BCI Modern Library Furniture’s Index Study Carrel was selected for a library renovation project for Quakertown Community High School.  The Index Study Carrel is a great option for privacy in the school library environment.  

Location:  Quakertown, PA

BCI Dealer:  Tesco Learning Environments

Products:  Index Study Carrel

For more information on Quakertown Community High School’s renovations, please click here

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Dunbar High School, Washington DC, Uses BCI Modern Library Furniture as Part of a $122 Million Project

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BCI Modern Library Furniture Chosen as Part of an Extensive Rebuilding Project of Dunbar High School

BCI was a part of the The Dunbar High School $122 million rebuild for a new facility.  This project was a huge endeavor and a cause for celebration.

Dunbar HSDunbar HS 1

Project:  Dunbar High School

Location:  Washington, DC

BCI Dealer:  Diversified Educational Systems, Inc.

Products:  Opal Computer Table, Opal Reading Tables (round and rectangular), Pause Soft Seating, Single-Faced and Double-Faced Opal Shelving with a mixture of perforated steel end panels and canopy tops and maple canopy tops

Click here for The Washington Post article “D.C. leaders to celebrate new Dunbar High School facility”

Click here to view the Dunbar High School photo gallery

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BCI Part of a $15 Million British Columbia Canada Library Project

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Coquitlam City Centre Library Selects BCI’s Modern Library Furniture as part of a $15 million relocation project for a new library.

As public libraries are evolving, more and more are going through makeovers.  The Coquitlam City Centre Library  located in Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada, was moved and enlarged to accommodate the growing need for additional space and resources.  BCI’s Modern Library Furniture was chosen as part of this $15 million project.

Click here to read more about The Coquitlam City Centre Library Relocation and Expansion

Products:  Puzzle Tables, Media Tower, Opal Tables, Opal Shelvingboth single-faced and double-faced with Gothia perforated wood end panels, 60/30 Steel Radius Shelving with London Canopy Top and End Panel Option

Dealer:  Jonathan Morgan Company

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BCI Shelving Chosen for Higher Education – College of DuPage

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BCI Shelving System at the College of DuPage


During a two phase upgrade, BCI was chosen to provide new shelving for the library at the College of DuPage located in Glen Ellyn, IL.  As the resources at the library were expanding, new more efficient shelving was needed to accommodate this growth.  BCI Shelving was the solution.

Click here to read more on the College of DuPage Library Renovations

BCI Dealer:  LFI, Inc.

Products:  Opal Shelving with CD/DVD Storage, Opal Shelving for New Books, Graphic Novels, Paperbacks, Audio Books 

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Ossining Middle School Library Selects BCI’s Opal Shelving System

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MS Library Ossining 4MS Library Ossing 3



MS Library Ossining 1MS Library Ossining







Installing Now! 



BCI is working with Fuller & D’Angelo Architects and Young Equipment to make this transformation become a reality.   BCI’s Modern Library furniture is currently being installed….photo’s will be posted as soon as the remodeling is complete…stand by!

Project:  Anne M. Dorner Middle School Library – Ossining Unified School District

Location: Ossining, NY

Design Firm:  Fuller & D’Angelo Architects

BCI Dealer:  Young Equipment

Product:  Opal Shelving System

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BCI Opal Shelving System

BCI Product Library

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