Hastings Public Library – Completed Renovation

Hastings Public Library – Completed Renovation

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Update: The Renovation of the Hastings Public Library has been Recently Completed

BCI has just finished working with architect firm, The Clark Enersen Partners, on a massive renovation to the Hastings Public Library in Hastings, Nebraska. This project took over a year to complete because of the scope. The library before the renovation had not been touched since the 1960s. The building was outdated in its accessibility, energy efficiency, technology and safety. All are now updated to give the library a contemporary feel. There is now an entire floor dedicated to children with kid friendly furniture that you can find in the Products section of our site. The entire library went from having an old, dusty atmosphere, to a vibrant, friendly one. 

Below are photos of the finished renovation: 


children's library zone

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04 Sep 2018

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