Seven Library Trends for Teens and Children

Seven Library Trends for Teens and Children

Posted by Dawn Dugan in News

Publisher’s Weekly recently asked experts in children’s and teen library services about library trends, and published their findings in a blog. Here are the seven library trends they identified.


  1. Common Core. While there is much criticism about Common Core and the way it dictates what must be read, public libraries are embracing it. According to experts, Common Core boosts the use of research materials, as well as the focus on quality non-fiction.
  2.  Library Spaces. Modern libraries want to update their spaces to enable children to better use digital media. According to experts, facilitation of digital media is necessary for libraries to stay relevant.
  3. Connected Learning. Interest-based, peer-to-peer learning creates opportunity for kids to learn outside of the classroom, and enables kids, families, and communities to explore areas of interest.
  4. Technology for Teens. More and more libraries are embracing touch-screen technology and app content, in an effort to engage kids who may not have access to these things.
  5. Integrating Technology and Younger Children. While many libraries have focused on bringing technology to teens, more libraries are seeing the benefit of bringing technology to its younger users. In larger libraries, iPads are mounted securely in picture book areas, giving some young children their first experience with touch-screen technology.
  6. Early literacy. Today’s libraries are investing in early literacy programs, so that young children are armed with the skills they need before they start learning to read.
  7. Advocacy. One of today’s biggest trends is getting the word out about how valuable the library is to kids, their families, and the community. Librarians are focused on finding unique, interesting ways to promote their programs and services.


To learn more about Publisher’s Weekly’s conversation with library experts, go here. To learn more about library furniture and how it can support these library trends, visit BCI Libraries.

15 Jun 2014

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