Collaborative Learning Spaces and Library Furniture

Collaborative Learning Spaces and Library Furniture

Collaborative Learning Spaces and Library Furniture 150 150 BCI Libraries

Types of furniture that promote collaborative learning


As functioning community centers designed to promote not only reading and reflection but also collaboration and learning, many of today’s modern libraries incorporate classrooms, lecture rooms, and other collaborative learning spaces. The way these spaces are furnished have an impact on how well they meet their goals.


In addition to writing surfaces on walls and a variety of different types and sizes of electronic display surfaces, today’s collaborative learning spaces feature moveable, reconfigurable, and comfortable furniture.


This furniture can accommodate groups of many different sizes, and can be arranged to complement individual or group work.  In addition to traditional classroom set-ups, moveable library furniture allows for less traditional configuration.  In addition to being lightweight, library furniture may also be on wheels to enable easy navigation.


Desks, chairs, and tables typically support power and charging, so that technology can be used. In many cases, furniture has built-in outlets and ports to ensure that power is right at the user’s fingertips. Mobil carts support laptop use, and can be used as powering stations for laptops when not in use.


When designing collaborative learning spaces, it’s important to choose furniture that supports:


• Quick access to information

• Interactivity and socialization

• Communications technologies


For more information on designing, planning, or furnishing your library’s collaborative learning spaces, visit BCI Libraries.