LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries

04 11

LibraryWorks presents BCI Libraries Script: With commitment and curiosity, BCI is redefining and redesigning the library world, one space at a time. It’s no wonder that they were awarded the “ALA 2014 Library of the Year Award”. The BCI motto? “We are library people.” BCI offers…

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Creating Effective Learning Environments

15 08

Five things to consider when creating learning environments   When it comes to learning efficiency, one of the most important things to think about is learning environment. This article explores five things for a library to consider when creating an effective learning environment.   Proximity…

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Seven Library Trends for Teens and Children

15 06

Publisher’s Weekly recently asked experts in children’s and teen library services about library trends, and published their findings in a blog. Here are the seven library trends they identified.   Common Core. While there is much criticism about Common Core and the way it dictates…

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Collaborative Learning Spaces and Library Furniture

15 05

Types of furniture that promote collaborative learning   As functioning community centers designed to promote not only reading and reflection but also collaboration and learning, many of today’s modern libraries incorporate classrooms, lecture rooms, and other collaborative learning spaces. The way these spaces are furnished…

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The Public Library Evolves

07 05

Public library changes driving furniture choice   Like yesterday’s libraries, today’s public libraries are primarily tasked with providing access to information. But unlike yesterday’s libraries, today’s libraries serve a much wider purpose. In addition to being a place of reading and learning, today’s public libraries…

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