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Stay Ahead of the Curve with BCI INFORM and Slimline Curved Shelving

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Stay ahead of the curve with some of BCI‘s most popular products: INFORM Curved Shelving and Slimline Curved Shelving.

Use these shelving systems as complete round shelving or use a number of bays for a curved expression. With our curved shelving systems, you can create private spaces for children, or quiet reading areas. You can even enhance specific topics or simply add the round shelving to diversify a simple, straight interior design.

INFORM Curved Shelving systems combine beautiful lines, crisp finishes, adaptability and value in a striking package with abundant options. Below are BCI installation images featuring INFORM Curved Shelving:

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Slimline Curved shelving offers possibilities for creating various environmental spaces. The corner shelves in combination with curved top and bottom shelves gives the shelving the impression of being round. The corner shelves also offer excellent opportunities for display. Below are BCI installation images featuring Slimline Curved Shelving:

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Have questions? We have answers! Contact a BCI representative to learn more about BCI’s products, library planning and design, and more!


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BCI Makes It Easy: Save Money and Time by Purchasing Library Furniture on Contract!

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Saving is simple with us! Enjoy all the purchasing benefits of buying on contract with BCI.

Today, purchasing is an essential activity for nearly every institution. When purchasing, most organizations and institutions are bound by a budget that can be difficult to stick to. This can cause renovations and new construction projects to be held up, which ultimately results in overspending.

Purchasing contracts are set up with the capability of saving time and money. The contracts have been established with qualified vendors at competitive prices. Smaller entities have just as much purchasing power as larger ones. Both the vendor and the buyer benefit from these contracts, as the delivery of goods and services is quick and efficient.

When you purchase with BCI on contract, it’s one-stop-library-shopping! From preliminary design & revit files to on-time delivery and installation, we’ll handle it all.

All of the library furniture and at BCI, such as Shelving Systems, Tables and Chairs, Inform Countersand more can be acquired through purchasing contracts. We participate in the purchasing contracts listed below. Click on the icons to learn more about each purchasing contract!



SW Boces Logo


NE Metro 916


Renovating your library? Contact us today to learn more about ways to save with BCI.

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BCI Provides Modern Library Shelving for Palisades Neighborhood Public Library Renovation

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The Palisades Neighborhood Library, located in Washington DC, has recently re-opened its doors after undergoing major interior renovations.

BCI worked with renowned dealer Spacesaver, and provided the very popular ratio radius shelving for the project.

Below are installation photos of BCI’s ratio radius shelving from the project:



According to Palisades Library, the new library has several new features, including an improved layout with more space for customers, a dividable meeting room for 100 people, and new, modern library furniture.

To learn more about BCI’s Modern Library Products, contact us today!

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Calgary Public Library among most Anticipated Buildings of 2018

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The Calgary Public Library System uses BCI Modern Library Furniture in their latest project, which is among the most anticipated buildings in 2018.

Just last week Architectural Digest featured Calgary Public Library as one of the 12 most anticipated buildings to be completed in 2018.  Snøhetta Architects has featured BCI’s signature Labyrinth Display Furniture along with our Slimline and Slimline Radius Shelving Systems on this remarkable project.

The 240,000ft2  building is a technologically advanced public space for innovation, research and collaboration. It will offer 30 free meeting rooms, a 350-seat performance hall, an Early Learning Centre for children and a space just for teens with video, music and gaming stations. The building also hovers over the existing Light Rail Transit Line, which cuts through the heart of the city.

Click here to see what other projects made the list.

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Products We Love: Cocoon Lounge

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All libraries are different. They vary in size, levels and layout. The functions of a library change over time and the existing building structure can be a limiting factor when wanting to make a change to the library space.

Creating zones within your library can be a challenge if you are unable to renovate. We have thought this through and come up with a perfect zoning solution that is easy to implement, and just as effective and impactful, without having to lay one brick!

Say hello to the Cocoon Lounge, the exciting addition to our Cocoon range of modular furniture. With one piece of furniture, you can now create a specialized zone within an open space. Whether a study zone for concentration or focus; or a gaming zone for play and fun, the innovative design of the Cocoon Lounge range allows you to reduce the scale of a large area and create a more intimate setting with its own unique purpose.

Key advantages of the Cocoon Lounge are:

-Get creative with lighting, graphics, screens, built-in furniture & functionalities to create unique & bespoke zoning solutions

-The acoustic properties ensure sound is contained within the Cocoon, preventing the disturbance of other library users

-Amplify the functionality and impact of the zone– use the exterior for storage and display of books, media and products relevant to the area.

Take a look at the various designs and be inspired. The possibilities are endless!

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Modern Library Shelving for Duanesburg High School Library

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Duanesburg Central School District, located in Delanson, NY, approved an $18.8 million capital project in 2015 to update facilities in both the elementary and high school buildings. Part of the project includes a renovated library and media center at Duanesburg High School.

Our BCI Library Furniture dealer, Health & Equipment Corp., provided the following products for the project:

Ratio Laminate Shelving with Steel Shelves, Ratio Laminate Wall Shelving with Steel Shelves.

The architect for the project was Synthesis Architects.

Below is a product brochure for Ratio shelving:



Contact us today and learn how you can make stunning transformations to your library using BCI Modern Library Furniture.

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Modern Library Shelving for Edmonton Public Library

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The Edmonton Public Library System, located in Alberta Canada, has been busy over the last few years with branch renovations. The latest branch building project is the Calder Branch Library. The existing library was located in a strip mall and is being moved to a site with double the space. This new building will provide the much needed library space for a growing community.

Our BCI Library Furniture dealer, Allwest Commercial Furnishings  provided the following products for the project:

Opal Shelving with Steel Canopy Tops & End Panels, Single-Faced Opal Wall Shelving with Steel Canopy Tops, OPAC Search Station, Ordrup Magazine Display Shelving, Opal Magazine Display Shelving, Opal CD/DVD Display Shelving

Below is a stock photo of our Opal Shelving:

Opal Shelving

Opal Shelving

The Opal Shelving System has its own unique style which allows it to fit seamlessly into any library setting.

To read more about the construction project, click here

Check back for installation photos!

For more information on BCI Library Furniture products and design services, click here to contact us today. We have over 60 years of experience in the design and installation process of modernizing libraries to meet the needs of communities in going beyond just books.

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NJ Montessori School Library Installation Completed

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As a follow-up to our July 11, 2017 post, The Village School library has been completed.

In conjunction with our BCI Modern Library Furniture dealer, Longo Associates, here are the products we used for the project:

Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile ShelvingRatio Wall Shelving System with Steel ShelvesINFORM Counter System-Information DeskSimply Universal TablesPause PoufPouf PoufCoral PoufApollo ChairDrum Pouf

Below are the installation photos of the Ratio INFORM Radius ShelvingINFORM Counter System and the Simply Universal Study Tables – notice the clean lines of these pieces bringing a fresh look to the library space:

INFORM Library Desk System

INFORM Library Desk System


Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving

Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving


Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving

Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving


Study Tables

Simply Universal Study Tables

Contact us today and learn how you can make stunning transformations to your library using BCI Modern Library Furniture.

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BCI Modern Library Furniture at Miami Dade College Again!

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BCI Modern Library Furniture is back at it at Miami Dade College doing another renovation project. ?

Working with our dealer, JC White Architectural Interior Products, the products chosen were:

60/30 Steel Radius Shelving with Steel Canopy Tops & London End Panels, 60/30 Classic Steel Double-Faced Shelving with Steel Canopy Tops & London End Panels

Thank you JC White Architectural Interior Products for the photos of the finished products!



To view earlier Miami Dade College library renovations with BCI Modern Library Furniture, click the links below:

Miami Dade College Library Project Nearing Completion Featuring BCI

Miami Dade College Project is Complete!


If there is a library renovation project coming up in your future, contact us today — specialists are standing by to answer all your questions. We have a wealth of experience in the field of library design and installation.

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Breathtaking Public Library Shelving from BCI Modern Library Furniture

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As a follow-up to our “Calgary, Alberta Public Libraries Getting a Renovation With BCI Modern Library Furniture”, the completed photos from the Nose Hill branch library are here and they are amazing!! ??

As a reminder, renovations being done included:

  • A new modern children’s area
  • New shelving systems with lighting
  • A new design with more areas for quiet study
  • Extra seating for reading, working together and studying

Working with our BCI Dealer, HBI, the results are stunning! Featured below is the installed shelving:





BCI Modern Library Furniture has over 30 years experience and is standing by to assist you in your next project – click here to contact us now.

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