BCI Modern Library Furniture Part of a ‘Centennial Plan’ in Concord, MA

BCI Modern Library Furniture Part of a ‘Centennial Plan’ in Concord, MA

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Established in 1922 and set on 39 acres, the Concord Academy, located in Concord, MA, is a private, co-ed boarding and day school. The school of about 400 students serves grades 9 through 12. Not only are the students from adjacent towns, but they come from all over the world. The philosophy of the school is to create an environment for students to learn about the arts, sciences and humanities. Students are encouraged to practice hands-on learning and experimentation.

As part of the ‘Centennial Plan’ slated for 2022, the school is undergoing renovations. Included in the project, is a library renovation. BCI Modern Library Furniture dealer, Creative Office Pavilion, provided Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving for the renovation.

This mobile shelving system is available in wood veneer, plastic laminate or steel. Colors range from Grey Metallic to a Flame Red. The casters allow for the shelving units to be rearranged easily.

Below is a stock photo of the Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving.

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12 Jun 2017

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