The Tech-Friendly Library

The Tech-Friendly Library

The Tech-Friendly Library 150 150 BCI Libraries

Four ways to ensure your library meets today’s technology standards


Today’s libraries are way more than just places to find and read books. State-of-the-art technology enhances the user experience by making it easier than ever for them to connect to resources. This article explores four ways to make technology a part of your library.


  1. Be “connected.” Make sure that your tech-friendly library is outfitted with plenty of outlets and USB ports, so that users can use their laptops, tablets, and Smartphones with ease. Today’s library furniture manufacturers make it easier than ever to ensure that patrons can easily plug in by building outlets and USB ports directly into tables and study carrels.
  2. Become a technology “hub.” A recent study shows that the average tech-friendly library has 16 computers available for public use. The same study shows that almost 100% of libraries in the United States offer access to the Internet, while more than 85% offer wireless access. Offering Internet and wireless use does not require a large up-front investment, and can be done relatively quickly.
  3. Help your patrons access more information. In addition to what’s on your shelves, increase the number of resources you offer by subscribing to online databases and catalogs. Even the largest library in the world can’t house the millions of resources available online. Help your patrons study, learn new things, and access information by providing a wide variety of online resources.
  4. Teach patrons how to use technology. Technology is helpful only if you know how to use it. Be sure to provide classes as well as one-on-one assistance that helps library patrons learn how to get the most out of technology.


Remember, technology is one of the best ways to engage today’s tech-friendly library patrons. For more information on incorporating technology into your library design, visit BCI Libraries.