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Trends in Modern Library Furniture Material

Posted by Lou Smalls in News

Library furniture has evolved in the last couple of decades. Libraries no longer have the sole need of storing large collections of books in rows upon rows of shelving. Modern libraries are currently transforming into collaborative areas where you do not necessarily have to check out a book. With this change, comes the evolution of how modern library furniture is manufactured today. BCI features a variety of different materials that are used in the manufacturing of our modern library furniture product line. Below are the various advantages for each material.
Advantages of Steel:
– Durability
– Stability
-Harder to break, but also flexible enough to rearrange when necessary
Uses: Steel is featured as the framework in many of our products, such as in our various shelving and counter systems.
A good example of one of our products that contains a steel framework, while featuring steel shelving and steel end panels, is the Uniflex Shelving System.

Advantages of Plastic Laminate:
– No risk of generating rust
-No risk of staining/easy to clean
-More color options
Uses: Plastic Laminate is commonly featured on shelving and table systems in modern libraries because it is easy to customize and curve during production.
A good example of one of our products that features plastic laminate is the Inform Curve Shelving System.

Advantages of Wood:
-Help to increase a building’s energy efficiency
-Has a small carbon footprint
-Sturdy in appearance
-Customizable with horizontal and vertical grain along with different stains
Uses: Wood is a great choice when your modern library is looking for a warmer aesthetic, but can also be used in a more contemporary atmosphere.
A good example of one of your products that would be perfect for a modern library, but still wanting an inviting warm aesthetic is the Cocoon Series.

Below are photos of the products discussed above:

Steel Shelving System

Uniflex Steel Shelving System with Steel Powder Coated End Panels and LED Lighting



If you enjoyed this article, please go to our news section to read more interesting modern library articles. If you want to see more of our unique modern library products, click here. If you have any questions and would like to contact us, please head to our contact page now!

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Stay Ahead of the Curve with BCI INFORM and Slimline Curved Shelving

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

Stay ahead of the curve with some of BCI‘s most popular products: INFORM Curved Shelving and Slimline Curved Shelving.

Use these shelving systems as complete round shelving or use a number of bays for a curved expression. With our curved shelving systems, you can create private spaces for children, or quiet reading areas. You can even enhance specific topics or simply add the round shelving to diversify a simple, straight interior design.

INFORM Curved Shelving systems combine beautiful lines, crisp finishes, adaptability and value in a striking package with abundant options. Below are BCI installation images featuring INFORM Curved Shelving:

Previous Image
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info heading

info content


Slimline Curved shelving offers possibilities for creating various environmental spaces. The corner shelves in combination with curved top and bottom shelves gives the shelving the impression of being round. The corner shelves also offer excellent opportunities for display. Below are BCI installation images featuring Slimline Curved Shelving:

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info heading

info content


Have questions? We have answers! Contact a BCI representative to learn more about BCI’s products, library planning and design, and more!


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BCI Makes It Easy: Save Money and Time by Purchasing Library Furniture on Contract!

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

Saving is simple with us! Enjoy all the purchasing benefits of buying on contract with BCI.

Today, purchasing is an essential activity for nearly every institution. When purchasing, most organizations and institutions are bound by a budget that can be difficult to stick to. This can cause renovations and new construction projects to be held up, which ultimately results in overspending.

Purchasing contracts are set up with the capability of saving time and money. The contracts have been established with qualified vendors at competitive prices. Smaller entities have just as much purchasing power as larger ones. Both the vendor and the buyer benefit from these contracts, as the delivery of goods and services is quick and efficient.

When you purchase with BCI on contract, it’s one-stop-library-shopping! From preliminary design & revit files to on-time delivery and installation, we’ll handle it all.

All of the library furniture and at BCI, such as Shelving Systems, Tables and Chairs, Inform Countersand more can be acquired through purchasing contracts. We participate in the purchasing contracts listed below. Click on the icons to learn more about each purchasing contract!



SW Boces Logo


NE Metro 916


Renovating your library? Contact us today to learn more about ways to save with BCI.

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NJ Montessori School Library Installation Completed

Posted by Tracy Lenok in News

As a follow-up to our July 11, 2017 post, The Village School library has been completed.

In conjunction with our BCI Modern Library Furniture dealer, Longo Associates, here are the products we used for the project:

Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile ShelvingRatio Wall Shelving System with Steel ShelvesINFORM Counter System-Information DeskSimply Universal TablesPause PoufPouf PoufCoral PoufApollo ChairDrum Pouf

Below are the installation photos of the Ratio INFORM Radius ShelvingINFORM Counter System and the Simply Universal Study Tables – notice the clean lines of these pieces bringing a fresh look to the library space:

INFORM Library Desk System

INFORM Library Desk System


Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving

Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving


Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving

Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving


Study Tables

Simply Universal Study Tables

Contact us today and learn how you can make stunning transformations to your library using BCI Modern Library Furniture.

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Modernize Your Library Spaces with BCI

Posted by Tracy Lenok in News

Great news!

BCI Modern Library Furniture is now available under the Southern Westchester BOCES (SW BOCES) purchasing contract through our dealer, HNE (Health & Educational Equipment Corp.). This award contract is in effect for the 2017-2018 term. Schools and municipalities residing in the Rockland and Westchester County areas are eligible to participate.

There’s no better time than now to take advantage of this buying power option. All of the work is essentially done on the pricing side. Bids have been received and negotiations have already taken place. Quality furnishings are hand picked for your school library project. No time is wasted going through the process of searching out products.

BCI Modern Library Furniture has many options to choose from. Their offerings range from shelving to seating to information desk systems. Below are some examples of the variety of choices – click on each product to download the brochure.COLLAGE

These are just a sampling of the products we offer. We have expert designers and installers to make your library project a dream come true. There is no limit to our color choices and finishes.

Tap into your creativity and contact us today — BCI Modern Library Furniture can transform your library into the 21st century offering stylish furnishings that are state-of-the-art.



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BCI Modern Library Furniture…Your Number One Choice for Renovations?

Posted by Tracy Lenok in News

A reminder to the Long Island School Districts in Eastern Suffolk County from our January 18, 2017 post.

BCI Modern Library FurnitureBCI Modern Library Furniture is available for purchase through the Eastern Suffolk BOCES purchasing contract through our dealer, HNE (Health & Educational Equipment Corp.)

Purchasing contracts are an excellent way for schools to save time and money, without compromising quality. BCI Modern Library Furniture has a multitude of options for your library renovation project. Here is a sample of our product line – click on each product to download the brochure.

Contact BCI Modern Library Furniture today to find out how you can get started on creating a 21st century library for your school.

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NY Elementary School Library Renovation with BCI Furnishings

Posted by Tracy Lenok in News

The Wampus Elementary School, located in Armonk, NY is part of the Byram Hills Central School District, serving grades 3-5. A recent renovation project of the school library was completed with BCI Modern Library Furniture.

Working with our BCI dealer, HNE (Health & Educational Equipment Corp.), the following products were selected:

Inform Desk System, Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile Shelving, Labyrinth Book Tower, Comic and Bazaar Box

Below are some stock photos of the products used in the renovation:

INFORM Desk System

                              INFORM Desk System

Labyrinth Book Tower

Labyrinth Book Tower

Comic and Bazaar Box

Comic and Bazaar Box

All of the products were purchased through the Southern Westchester BOCES Purchasing Contract. Making use of these purchasing contracts saves time and money, while being able to buy products at a fair cost, without compromising quality.

BCI Modern Library Furniture has a wide variety of finishes and color combinations that personalize your library space.

Download our complete product brochure by clicking here

For more information on how BCI Modern Library Furniture can offer design, furnishings and professional installation for your upcoming project, contact us today.

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Independent MA School Selects BCI Modern Library Furniture for Renovation

Posted by Tracy Lenok in News

Established in 1920, the Beaver Country Day School, located in Chestnut Hill, MA, is an independent college preparatory school housing students in grades 6-12. Currently, there are approximately 450 students enrolled at the school.

The school is undergoing a renovation project consisting of refurbishing the 15,711 square feet of the actual library and erecting a 22,500 square feet research and design center. Part of the new library will be collaboration, workshop and research spaces.

Our BCI Modern Library Furniture dealer, Red Thread, provided the Ratio Square Display Shelving with Casters for the new library. This product can be used to display or house books — making it a versatile option. The casters enable the shelving to be mobile. Color choices include a subtle grey to a bright orange.

Below are stock photos of the product used:

Ratio Square Display Shelving with Casters

Ratio Square Display Shelving with Casters

Read more by clicking here to be directed to the Beaver Country Day School website to read more about the project.

To download our Ratio Shelving brochure, click here

Click on the links below to view other projects completed by BCI Modern Library Furniture in Massachusetts

Boylston Public Library

Deerfield Academy Library

Contact us today — we have specialists standing by to answer all your questions for your project

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Saline, MI Middle School Library Chooses BCI Modern Library Furniture

Posted by Tracy Lenok in News

The Saline Middle School, located in Saline, MI serves students in grades 6 thru 8. Along with other renovations to the building, the library was also redesigned.

Working with our BCI Modern Library Furniture dealer, Great Lakes Furniture Supply, the INFORM Desk System was included in the project.

The information desk in many libraries is the first point of contact. Having an aesthetically pleasing information desk in a library entry sets the stage for the experience. Available in solid wood veneer, plastic laminate or steel, the INFORM Desk System also boasts a wide variety of color options.

Below are stocks photos of the INFORM Desk System in Green or Flame Red that can really make a statement:

INFORM Desk System


INFORM Desk System

For more information on BCI Modern Library Furniture, click here to contact us today

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BCI Modern Library Furniture Designated for $25.9M School Project in VA

Posted by Tracy Lenok in News

Being built on a 10.8 acre lot in Harrisonburg, VA, The Bluestone Elementary School is scheduled for completion this summer. This $25.9M three-story, 112,000 square foot building will house grades K-5 and will lessen the overcrowding of middle schools by moving the 5th grade back to the elementary level.

The Harrisonburg City School District worked with our dealer, Diversified Educational Systems, Inc. (DES), to identify and select the most appropriate furnishings for the new library.

The products chosen were:

Labyrinth Book Tower, Picture Book Box, Ratio Square Display Shelving, Crossrunner Book Truck, Book Trolley Oland

Below are stock photo’s of some of the products:


Labyrinth Book Tower

Labyrinth Book Tower


Picture Book Box

Picture Book Box

                                              Book Trolley Oland

The selections of the book towers, book box, and shelving are a perfect fit for an elementary school library. The color choices give the library a whimsical look and feel. Casters on the bottom of the furniture make for easy changes in the set-up.

For more information on how BCI Modern Library Furniture can complement your new or renovation project, please contact us today.

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