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Modern Libraries Around the World

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There is no doubt that today’s libraries are facing a rebirth to keep up with the digital landscape. Gone are the days of quiet, dark spaces and old wooden chairs and shelving.

Pictured below (and included in this link to the 25 Modern Libraries from Around the World) is The Black Diamond Library located in Denmark. Notice the natural light flooding the atrium and adjacent rooms.

Black Diamond Library Denmark

Like the photo above, as you scroll through these 25 amazing libraries, you will notice the open, airy spaces with lots of glass and colors throughout. The architectural curves in the design of not only the structure of the building, but also of the furniture, creates a contemporary and serene style. Our brains are said to react more positively towards shapes and curves versus straight lines, which can resemble sharp objects.

Whether it is a new project or a renovation to an existing library, BCI Modern Library Furniture has over 60 years of experience to make your dream a reality. Our products are designed for functionality, flexibility, comfort and allure. We partner with world-class architects to design a library for the 21st century. For more information on BCI Modern Library Furniture, contact us today. Our experts are standing by to answer all your questions.

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BCI Modern Library Furniture Media Center Tables Showing up in Pennsylvania

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Index Study Carrel

Quakertown Community High School Selects BCI Modern Library Furniture

BCI Modern Library Furniture’s Index Study Carrel was selected for a library renovation project for Quakertown Community High School.  The Index Study Carrel is a great option for privacy in the school library environment.  

Location:  Quakertown, PA

BCI Dealer:  Tesco Learning Environments

Products:  Index Study Carrel

For more information on Quakertown Community High School’s renovations, please click here

Contact us today for all your school library needs – we have product and planning specialists standing by to answer all your questions.

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Modern Library Design Presentation Available For Download

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BCI is seen as an expert in modern library design. The above presentation was given at The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions show with both architects and library directors in attendance.

BCI Eurobib encourages architecture firms, interior designers, public library directors and university library deans to email (info@bcieurobib.com) their floor plans for a free evaluation and library planning suggestions. Our consultants will provide their expertise to advise on library furniture interiors, space planning ideas, and adherence to shelving & equipment budgets.

I want to thank the Lammhults Marketing Department for providing the presentation for this blog post.

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