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New Jersey Middle School Library Getting a Make-Over with BCI

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The River Dell Regional School District serves the towns of River Edge and Oradell in New Jersey. With an enrollment of approximately 578 students in grades 7-8, the middle school library was in need of some renovations. BCI Modern Library Furniture collaborated with their dealer, Longo Associates and Solutions Architecture in the furniture choices for the project. The project will be completed in the fall of 2016.

All of the products from BCI were purchased under the ESCNJ Purchasing Contract  which is designed to offset costs, while providing the highest of quality.ESCNJ Logo

Project: River Dell Middle School

Location: River Edge, NJ

Architect: Solutions Architecture

BCI Dealer: Longo Associates

Products used the the renovation project included: 60/30 Steel Radius Shelving with London End Panels and Canopy Tops, Opal Shelving with Perforated Steel End Panels and Canopy Tops, INFORM Desk System

BCI Modern Library Furniture provides an array of options for any new or renovation project offering solutions for any setting.

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Calgary, Alberta Public Libraries Getting a Renovation With BCI Modern Library Furniture

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The Calgary Public Library system encompasses 18 branches. Recently the Nose Hill and Quarry Park branch libraries have been undergoing renovations.

Assisting in these two renovations is BCI Modern Library Furniture. BCI’s large selection of highly constructed, modern furniture is designed for today’s libraries. As more libraries enter a phase of not being just a place to check out books, they are also gathering places for learning and socializing and require modifications to address these needs. BCI’s furniture offers functionality and practicality for any library setting.

The Nose Hill branch has been going through an extensive three phase renovation project. The final phase of the project is set for completion in late September. Some of the highlights of the new library will include:

  • A new modern children’s area
  • New shelving systems with lighting
  • A new design with more areas for quiet study
  • Extra seating for reading, working together and studying

And More!

The Quarry Park branch is part of a much bigger project – the Quarry Park Recreational Facility. This 94,000 square foot facility will house the new 9,000 square foot library. Other amenities of the facility include:

  • Fitness Center
  • Running Track
  • Day Care
  • Food Services
  • Meeting rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Multi-purpose rooms

BCI Dealer: HBI

Products: Double Faced Opal Shelving, Single Faced Opal Shelving, 60/30 Steel Radius Shelving, Picture Book Browsers with Casters, Ordrup Magazine Display

Below are some pre-completion photos of the shelving:

Shelving Calgary PL 20160610_092746 20160610_092758 20160610_092820 20160610_092831


Check back for final installation photos!

Click here to read more abut the Quarry Park Recreational Facility

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Nova Scotia Library Chooses BCI Modern Library Furniture

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The Colchester East Hants Public Library’s Truro Branch is moving to a new location at 754 Prince Street. Originally opened in 1950, today the library serves an estimated population of 35,858. With this volume of patrons, a new more modern library was needed. The new library is hoping to open this month, but will have a re-opening in the fall.

BCI Modern Library Furniture provided Ratio Inform Radius Shelving on Casters for a sleek look and functional design for both the children’s and adult areas.

Below are the 1st and 2nd floor plans —

Colchester East Hans PL

1st Floor Plan

Colchester East Hans PL

2nd Floor Plan

Project: Colchester East Hants Public Library – Truro Branch

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

BCI Dealer: Ergoworks

Product: Ratio Inform Radius DF Shelving on Casters

Click here to get a ‘sneak peek’ of the new library

Visit the Colchester East Hants Public Library’s Facebook page for the construction timeline

Click here to read an article published in the Truro Daily News

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Houston’s British International School Set to Open September 2016

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BCI Modern Library Furniture Selected for New Campus Dwelling

British International School

The British International School located in Houston, is part of the Nord Anglia Education, an international schools provider of premium schools. A new 280,000 square feet campus, set on 25 acres, will open its doors in time for the 2016-2017 school year. The new building will house PreK-12 for up to 2,000 students. The British International School prides itself on the ability to provide “personalized learning for students of all ages.”

Project: British International School

Architect: Remenschneider Design / Fanning Howey

BCI Dealer: Contrax Furnishings

BCI Modern Library Furniture will be a key feature in the library. The products chosen for the project offer style and versatility. They include:

Ratio Shelving with Steel Shelves (Starters/Adders), Ratio Radius DS Shelving (Starters/Adders), Ratio Radius DS Shelving (Mobile), INFORM Counter, Softline Basket Chairs with High Backrest

All of BCI Modern Library furniture is available for purchase under The Cooperative Purchasing Network –  TCPN.

Contact BCI Modern Library Furniture today by clicking here – whether your project is big or small, we have specialists standing by to assist you.

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The All New Morgan School Set to Open with BCI Modern Library Furniture

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The Morgan School located in Clinton, CT serves grades 9-12. After determining that a renovation on the old building would cost more than a rebuild, a new 140,000 square foot building was constructed.  A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be held on August 28, for a scheduled school opening on August 30. The new school boasts what is referred to as a ‘hub’ – a gathering area, floor-to-ceiling windows in the second and third story classrooms, a 210-seat open food-court-style cafeteria, as well as a new library.

Project: The Morgan School

Location: Clinton, CT

BCI Dealer:  Longo Associates

AIA Firm: Newman Architects – www.newmanarchitects.com

The new library features BCI Modern Library Furniture. The appointments include:

Rectilinear Uniflex Steel Shelving with Wood Veneer End Panels, Uniflex Steel Shelving with Veneer Wood End Panels & Canopy Tops and Laminate Shelving Option

Uniflex Shelving

The Uniflex-S shelving system offers the ultimate in flexibility, while living up to its reputation of utilizing fine wood, polished glass and perforated sheet metal.  The special sound-absorbing surfaces have a significant impact on the room’s noise levels. This shelving creates a truly one of a kind style, while retaining its functionality.

BCI Modern Library Furniture is a proud member of the Connecticut State Contract Purchasing Program.

Click here to read more about the all new Morgan School

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Recent Renovation Project in Grand Prairie Texas by BCI

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On June 4th, 2016, The Grand Prairie library reopened after an extensive renovation project. The project included a new children’s library, library shelving and furniture, as well as new programming spaces, new study rooms, and an overall new design. The funding for the renovation project came from the library’s capital projects fund and was expected to cost approximately $2 million.

The photo’s below below show the BCI furniture used in the renovation project:

Labyrinth Book Towers

Labyrinth Book Towers

Single-Faced Slimline Steel Shelving with Steel Canopy Tops

Single-Faced Slimline Steel Shelving with Steel Canopy Tops

Frontline Square Display

Frontline Square Display












Project: Grand Prairie Public Library

Location: Grand Prairie, TX

Products: Labyrinth Book Tower, Single-Faced Slimline Steel Shelving with Steel Canopy Tops, Frontline Square Display

BCI Dealer: Contrax Furnishings

AIA Firm: Komatsu Architecture

Watch a YouTube Video of the project by clicking here

To read more, click here

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BCI Modern Library Furniture Coming Soon to International Baccalaureate® World School

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Charter Oak International AcademyThe new Charter Oak International Academy in West Hartford, CT will be opening its doors for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. The school will serve grades Pre-K through fifth and plans to accept 80 students per grade. In order to meet the challenges of modern day, the original Charter Oak building that was built in 1929 did not sufficiently accomplish its goal of a magnet school as space was very limited. The Charter Oak International Academy is an International Baccalaureate® (IB) World School which helps to cultivate the personal, emotional, academic and social skills necessary to work, learn and live in an international world.

The new building’s extraordinary circular design lends to the schools all-encompassing concept to learning. Robert H. Lord Co. and BCI Modern Library Furniture were selected among several bids to provide the appointments for the new library. All of BCI’s furniture can be purchased through the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC).

Project:  Charter Oak International Academy

Location:  West Hartford, CT

BCI Dealer:  Robert H. Lord Co. – http://rhlco.com/

Products:  Wooden Book Browser, Bjorn Book Trolley, Media Tower, Slimline Wood & Steel Shelving – Double Faced

Click here to view architectural renderings by Perkins Eastman

Click here to read more about the new Charter Oak International Academy

For more information on how BCI Modern Library Furniture can enhance your new or renovation project, please contact us today

Photo Credit:  Perkins Eastman

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The Rising Popularity of Public Libraries

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InfographicHere’s a fast fact – Did you know that more people visit their public library each year in Massachusetts than attend Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox games combined? [1]

Yes, it’s true! Libraries are cool!

Libraries are evolving into more than just a place to check out a book or rent a video. Libraries are serving as a hub for communities. Gone are the days of having to stay quiet in a library. The transformation that is taking place is simply amazing.

The graphic on the right shows that Americans feel libraries provide a significant benefit to their communities for supplying them with resource materials and advocating literacy.  Best of all – they are free!

Not only are books a large part of the library, but technology is just as important. Patrons come in with their smartphones, tablets, and laptops and require wi-fi and USB ports.  With these evolving technologies, furniture with built-in outlets and USB ports can provide the user access to all the information right at their fingertips.

The recent economic downturn sent people searching for jobs to their local libraries to utilize the Internet services and reference materials. According to the Information Policy and Access Center (IPAC), 77.5% of libraries provide support with creating resumes. Public libraries have been joining forces with institutions and organizations at the local, state and national level to strengthen their ability to assist job seekers by offering career services.

The Pew Research Center reported that the younger population, ages 16-29, are becoming regular patrons of their local libraries.  They are finding libraries are a great place to go online, study or just meet friends.[2]

Libraries are rebuilding or renovating their layout and interior design. Library furniture needs to be high quality, comfortable and provide flexibility to support the current information technology age. Children’s areas need to be equipped with furniture that is age appropriate and designed to elevate the library experience. Many libraries also serve their communities with meeting space and classrooms and require tables, chairs and even podiums. Library café’s are also gaining in popularity – who doesn’t like to enjoy a cup of coffee while studying, working or chatting with friends.

So, what’s in store for the future of libraries – here’s one more quick fact from the American Library Association ‘Americans go to school, public and academic libraries more than three times more often than they go to the movies’.

Libraries are here to stay.Library card

BCI Modern Library Furniture offers unique furniture options for creating the 21st century library. For more information on planning and designing your library, contact us today.


[1] Hopkinton Public Library, Libraries in the Digital Age, 2016

[2]  Pew Research Center, ‘Younger Americans and Public Libraries, 9/10/2014

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2015 AIA/ALA Library Building Award Winner Features BCI

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Among the six awardees of the 2015 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards was the Cedar Rapids Public Library.  These awards,  which are governed jointly by a division of the ALA, the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA), and the American Institute of Architects (AIA),  embolden superiority in architectural planning and designing of libraries.  These new modern library designs are needed to accommodate the needs of the community and bring libraries into the 21st century.

After the disastrous flood of 2008, the Cedar Rapids Public Library was completely destroyed.  Five years later, the new modern Cedar Rapids Public Library opened its doors. In addition to the building encompassing the green building certification program known as the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum Requirements, BCI Modern Library Furniture was selected to provide shelving.  The product chosen, our 60/30 Radius Steel Shelving, is a flexible shelving system which can be used to create a variety of solutions.  Click this link – Cedar Rapids PL Layout to see the layout of the shelving – there is a multitude of arrangements the 60/60 Radius Steel Shelving can produce.

Download our 60/30 Radius Steel Shelving brochure by clicking here

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This Is What A Children’s Area Can Really Look Like

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“Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card” – ArthurArthur

Many parents ask themselves, “How can I get my child interested in going to the library?”  It is a well known fact that exposing pre-schoolers to their public library can enhance their love for learning for years to come.  A children’s area in a library doesn’t necessarily have to be all about books.  Today comfort, space and technology all play a crucial role. Designing the interior of the library with modern soft seating, whimsical shelving,  vibrant colors, open areas, and the latest technology can serve as an interactive playground for children. Create a little bit of magic in your library with BCI Modern Library Furniture.

The photos below are from a recent renovation project at the Kongsberg Public Library in Norway using BCI’s products.


Kongsberg Public Library kongsberg_public_library_no_005 kongsberg_public_library_no_030

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