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Trends in Modern Library Furniture Material

Posted by Lou Smalls in News

Library furniture has evolved in the last couple of decades. Libraries no longer have the sole need of storing large collections of books in rows upon rows of shelving. Modern libraries are currently transforming into collaborative areas where you do not necessarily have to check out a book. With this change, comes the evolution of how modern library furniture is manufactured today. BCI features a variety of different materials that are used in the manufacturing of our modern library furniture product line. Below are the various advantages for each material.
Advantages of Steel:
– Durability
– Stability
-Harder to break, but also flexible enough to rearrange when necessary
Uses: Steel is featured as the framework in many of our products, such as in our various shelving and counter systems.
A good example of one of our products that contains a steel framework, while featuring steel shelving and steel end panels, is the Uniflex Shelving System.

Advantages of Plastic Laminate:
– No risk of generating rust
-No risk of staining/easy to clean
-More color options
Uses: Plastic Laminate is commonly featured on shelving and table systems in modern libraries because it is easy to customize and curve during production.
A good example of one of our products that features plastic laminate is the Inform Curve Shelving System.

Advantages of Wood:
-Help to increase a building’s energy efficiency
-Has a small carbon footprint
-Sturdy in appearance
-Customizable with horizontal and vertical grain along with different stains
Uses: Wood is a great choice when your modern library is looking for a warmer aesthetic, but can also be used in a more contemporary atmosphere.
A good example of one of your products that would be perfect for a modern library, but still wanting an inviting warm aesthetic is the Cocoon Series.

Below are photos of the products discussed above:

Steel Shelving System

Uniflex Steel Shelving System with Steel Powder Coated End Panels and LED Lighting



If you enjoyed this article, please go to our news section to read more interesting modern library articles. If you want to see more of our unique modern library products, click here. If you have any questions and would like to contact us, please head to our contact page now!

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The Final Product: New Jersey Installation Featuring BCI Curved Shelving

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

Below are final installation images from the  Woodside Elementary School library renovation project located in River Vale, NJ:

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info heading

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The school district utilized the Educational Services Commission of NJ (ESCNJ) to secure the furnishings, saving time and money in the process. Vendors and their products are pre-screened for quality and competitive pricing through this cooperative.

The following products were used in this installation:

Ratio INFORM Radius Mobile ShelvingRatio Laminate Shelving System with Laminate ShelvesRatio System Wall ShelvingCocoon SystemHugo ChairDrum PoufPause PoufOpera Seating

For more information on BCI Modern Library Furniture products, click here to contact us today!

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BCI Makes It Easy: Save Money and Time by Purchasing Library Furniture on Contract!

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Saving is simple with us! Enjoy all the purchasing benefits of buying on contract with BCI.

Today, purchasing is an essential activity for nearly every institution. When purchasing, most organizations and institutions are bound by a budget that can be difficult to stick to. This can cause renovations and new construction projects to be held up, which ultimately results in overspending.

Purchasing contracts are set up with the capability of saving time and money. The contracts have been established with qualified vendors at competitive prices. Smaller entities have just as much purchasing power as larger ones. Both the vendor and the buyer benefit from these contracts, as the delivery of goods and services is quick and efficient.

When you purchase with BCI on contract, it’s one-stop-library-shopping! From preliminary design & revit files to on-time delivery and installation, we’ll handle it all.

All of the library furniture and at BCI, such as Shelving Systems, Tables and Chairs, Inform Countersand more can be acquired through purchasing contracts. We participate in the purchasing contracts listed below. Click on the icons to learn more about each purchasing contract!



SW Boces Logo


NE Metro 916


Renovating your library? Contact us today to learn more about ways to save with BCI.

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North Hunterdon Modern Library Installation: Complete ✔️

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

Fresh off the job! BCI, in conjunction with Longo Associates and DMR architects, finished installations at North Hunterdon High School this week. This project is one of two library renovations for the North Hunterdon-Voorhees School District.

The products used in this project include Uniflex Shelving System, Ratio Shelving System, Simply Universal Table System, INFORM Counter System, Labyrinth Book Towers, and Crossrunner Book Trolleys, among others. These products were purchased through the ESCNJ Purchasing Contract, which allows purchasing to be a simple, money-saving process for all parties involved.

Below are actual installation photos from the project. A job well done to all involved!



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Modern Library Furniture Being Installed at Voorhees High School

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School, located in Annandale, NJ, is currently undergoing renovations to both of their libraries. BCI is working with dealer Longo Associates and architectural firm DMR Architects to get the job done.

Products being featured for this project include Uniflex Shelving System with Wood Canopy Top & Acrylic End Panels, as well as Simply Universal Tables.

The school district utilized the Educational Services Commission of NJ (ESCNJ) to secure the furnishings, saving time and money in the process.

Below are installation photos of the project thus far:

Uniflex Shelving System with Wood Canopy Top & Acrylic End Panels

Uniflex Shelving System with Wood Canopy Top & Acrylic End Panels

Simply Universal Library Table

Simply Universal Study Table

Below are links to our downloaded product brochures for the above products:

Simply Universal Tables


Uniflex Curved Shelving System


Contact us today and learn how you can make stunning transformations to your library using BCI Modern Library Furniture.

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BCI Provides Modern Library Shelving for Palisades Neighborhood Public Library Renovation

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

The Palisades Neighborhood Library, located in Washington DC, has recently re-opened its doors after undergoing major interior renovations.

BCI worked with renowned dealer Spacesaver, and provided the very popular ratio radius shelving for the project.

Below are installation photos of BCI’s ratio radius shelving from the project:



According to Palisades Library, the new library has several new features, including an improved layout with more space for customers, a dividable meeting room for 100 people, and new, modern library furniture.

To learn more about BCI’s Modern Library Products, contact us today!

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Bluebonnet Library Completes Second Phase of Renovations

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

BCI was once again on the scene at The East Baton Rouge Parish Library (EBRPL). This time, BCI worked with Modern Library Furniture dealer, Arnold & Associates Interiors Inc., to renovate Bluebonnet Library, which is one of thirteen library branches in the EBRPL. The concept was to inspire teens through interactive furniture items and bright colors throughout the space.

BCI provided INFORM shelving for the project. Below are a few product images of the shelving used in the renovation:

In a previous renovation at Bluebonnet Library, BCI provided INFORM Desk Systems for the Adult Section, and INFORM Desk Systems for Children’s Area.

Renovations to the Bluebonnet library started in 2015, but thanks to an 11.1-mill property tax dedicated to the library, there are more renovations to come for the EBRPL. Several libraries in the system are slated for upgrades over the next several years. Teen rooms and meeting spaces are the main concentrations for such renovations.

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Products We Love: Cocoon Lounge

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

All libraries are different. They vary in size, levels and layout. The functions of a library change over time and the existing building structure can be a limiting factor when wanting to make a change to the library space.

Creating zones within your library can be a challenge if you are unable to renovate. We have thought this through and come up with a perfect zoning solution that is easy to implement, and just as effective and impactful, without having to lay one brick!

Say hello to the Cocoon Lounge, the exciting addition to our Cocoon range of modular furniture. With one piece of furniture, you can now create a specialized zone within an open space. Whether a study zone for concentration or focus; or a gaming zone for play and fun, the innovative design of the Cocoon Lounge range allows you to reduce the scale of a large area and create a more intimate setting with its own unique purpose.

Key advantages of the Cocoon Lounge are:

-Get creative with lighting, graphics, screens, built-in furniture & functionalities to create unique & bespoke zoning solutions

-The acoustic properties ensure sound is contained within the Cocoon, preventing the disturbance of other library users

-Amplify the functionality and impact of the zone– use the exterior for storage and display of books, media and products relevant to the area.

Take a look at the various designs and be inspired. The possibilities are endless!

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Modern Library Shelving for Duanesburg High School Library

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

Duanesburg Central School District, located in Delanson, NY, approved an $18.8 million capital project in 2015 to update facilities in both the elementary and high school buildings. Part of the project includes a renovated library and media center at Duanesburg High School.

Our BCI Library Furniture dealer, Health & Equipment Corp., provided the following products for the project:

Ratio Laminate Shelving with Steel Shelves, Ratio Laminate Wall Shelving with Steel Shelves.

The architect for the project was Synthesis Architects.

Below is a product brochure for Ratio shelving:



Contact us today and learn how you can make stunning transformations to your library using BCI Modern Library Furniture.

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New Jersey Votes to Pass Library Construction Act

Posted by Colleen Egan in News

Last Tuesday, New Jersey voters approved a $125 million bond act to allow the State to provide grants to construct, expand and equip public libraries. The State Librarian will develop criteria to judge submissions to compete for the grants.

At BCI, we have extensive experience in the design and installation process of modernizing libraries to meet the needs of communities. We provide our clients with a full line of cutting-edge, high-quality and innovative library products to completely transform your library interior.

Our products are available using the Educational Services Commission of NJ purchasing contracts (ESCNJ). The ESCNJ is designed help improve purchasing power for the school environment. By taking advantage of this contract, your resources will be wisely allocated.

For more information on BCI Library Furniture  products and design services, click here to contact us today.

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