Summer Reading Kickoff

Summer Reading Kickoff

Summer Reading Kickoff

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Creating Inviting Spaces for Young Readers

As summer reading programs begin, libraries have a unique opportunity to create engaging and inviting spaces for young readers. These spaces should be colorful, comfortable, and fun to encourage children to read and explore. At BCI Libraries, we understand that the right furniture can make a significant difference in attracting and retaining young patrons. Here’s how you can design inviting spaces for children with our specially designed furniture.

Importance of Child-Sized Furniture

When it comes to ensuring the comfort of your young patrons, library furniture is not one-size-fits-all. Whether your library has a designated children’s room or simply an area for kids, furniture sized specifically for children will help them better access library materials, improving their comfort and overall experience.

The best children’s library furniture is not only appropriately sized but also colorful, appealing, and interesting. Children are more likely to visit the library and discover the joys of reading if they are drawn to the space.

Children’s Bookshelves

Children’s bookshelves come in various heights to give young readers access to books, magazines, and other media. They often feature deeper shelves for picture books and toys. For the youngest readers, picture book browsers are an excellent choice, as they enable books to be displayed forward-facing, making it easier for kids to pick what appeals to them.

To make the library an even more fun place to be, shelving can be combined with specialty seating, desks, and picture book boxes to create places that spark imagination. Some shelves can be converted into reading or play tables, while other shelving is designed to intrigue and attract young readers with their unique shapes and colors.

Children’s Seating

Children’s seating should be appropriately sized, comfortable, and sturdy. Tables and chairs need to be strong enough to withstand wear and tear but light enough for children to move around. Children’s seating comes in soft and hard varieties and in colors that attract and delight.

Featured Products

Knight’s Castle Children’s Furniture

Knight’s Castle Children’s Furniture

Transform your library into a magical kingdom with our Knight’s Castle furniture. This set includes themed seating and shelving that inspire adventure and imaginative play.

Pirates Children’s Furniture
Pirates Children’s Furniture

Set sail on a literary adventure with the Pirates furniture set. Designed to capture the excitement of the high seas, this collection includes pirate-themed seating and bookshelves.


Reading Plane Children’s FurnitureReading Plane Children’s Furniture

Take young readers on a journey around the world with the Reading Plane furniture. This set features airplane-themed seats and storage solutions, perfect for aspiring pilots and explorers.


Space Travel Children’s Furniture
Space Travel Children’s Furniture

Launch into the universe of books with our Space Travel furniture. Featuring space-themed designs, this collection includes comfortable seating and imaginative shelving that transport children to outer space.


Designing for Engagement and Comfort

Creating an inviting space for young readers involves more than just placing a few chairs and shelves. Consider the overall atmosphere and how different elements can work together to create a cohesive and engaging environment. Use bright colors, themed furniture, and interactive elements to make the space appealing.

Tips for Designing Children’s Spaces:
  • Colorful and Thematic Decor: Use vibrant colors and themes that appeal to children’s imaginations, like our Knight’s Castle or Space Travel furniture.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate furniture that doubles as play structures, such as the Reading Plane or Pirates set, to make reading a more immersive experience.
  • Comfort and Accessibility: Ensure that all furniture is the right size for children and easy for them to use. Options like BCI Cushions can provide flexible seating that’s both comfortable and practical.

Libraries Should Be Fun & Functional

By creating spaces that are both fun and functional, libraries can foster a love for reading in young patrons. BCI Libraries is here to help you design and furnish these engaging environments, ensuring that your summer reading programs are a resounding success.

Prepare your library for the summer rush with our specialized children’s furniture and watch as young readers flock to the inviting, imaginative spaces you’ve created.