Furnishing the Hybrid Library

Furnishing the Hybrid Library

Furnishing the Hybrid Library 150 150 BCI Libraries

Furnishing the Hybrid Library


Today’s hybrid library does so much more than store books


The modern library contains not only a mix of printed and digital material, it also promotes learning, collaboration, and socialization. When planning the furnishing of these spaces, designers must think well beyond traditional library shelving, carrels, and desks.


Furnishing Learning Spaces


The modern library is home to classrooms and other spaces that enable patrons to learn. A combination of desks that can be used by individuals and also for group learning is often needed. Modular furniture that can be rearranged as the needs of the space change is ideal.


Furnishing Collaborative Spaces


Today’s libraries promote communication and group collaboration. While there is still an need for quiet, individual spaces such as study carrels, there is also the need for areas that enable patrons to interact, share ideas, and learn together. Collaborative spaces are furnished with comfortable chairs, couches, and tables, with plenty of outlets and ports for the use of technology. Ideally, furniture is soft, comfortable, and moveable, which allows collaborative learners to configure space as needed.


Furnishing Socialization Areas


Areas such as cafes, lounges, and outdoor spaces that enable users to socialize are becoming more popular in libraries. An assortment of café tables and chairs and soft seating make cafes and lounges attractive to those who want to meet with friends or colleagues. In warmer climes, special outdoor seating enables library patrons to gather.


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