Design Process

Design Process

Libraries today are an architectural stamp for educational institutions as well as a versatile showplace for communities and corporations. They are so unique in structure that they have become the blueprint for the character of the community. Their function no longer limited to students cramming for tests or avid readers checking out the latest best seller.

BCI Library Design Process

We are all drawn to a library for different reasons and it has become a central hub for gathering, learning, exploring, dreaming, informing, inspiring and discussing. In addition, modern technology has forced the inclusion of electronic devices everywhere and therefore, has changed the form of yesterday’s library into a new progressive modern environment.

Therefore we must rethink the library interior design and its layout. We urge library owners and architects to focus on new, high-quality, flexible and creative libraries—as well as have the courage and will to try new design directions. Through innovative and inspirational products, we can establish a new library for the 21st century.

At BCI we have three simple stages to creating an inspirational library space: Planning, Products, and Projects.


During the Planning stage, we start with careful listening and collaboration with Owners, Architects, and Dealers. Through dialogue, we gain an overall understanding of your project concept—whether it be a new prestigious building or a renovation of an existing space.

Next is a complete gathering of information. We need your most recent ACAD library layout, collection size, computer and technology requirements, individual and group study needs, number of information search stations, soft seating desires, staff and storage wishes, etc. All these elements are critical to your library’s development.

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With all this information at hand our interior architects and design team can offer creative solutions based on our broad Products range. With over 60 years of developing intelligent, flexible and innovative library Products we have listened and interpreted your needs into actual proven product solutions that will transform your library interior.


Library planning and design is a complex process and BCI is here to help you execute those first steps and walk you through to completion. With our commitment and worldwide experience, we will have created a dynamic, functional, award-winning modern library Project your visitors will be excited to use.

Nesodden Public Library interior
Tenerife Public Library interior